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Virginia Class Nuclear Attack Submarine Profile Drawings by George Bieda

With the fall of the Soviet Union, the resulting decrease in the threat of submarine-launched ballistic missiles allowed the US Navy to truncate the powerful Seawolf Class at just three boats, and seek a longer, lighter, less expensive and more versatile design.  The Virgina Class Nuclear Attack Submarines resulted from this search.  The Virginia Class, designed by Electric Boat, is being built along with Northrup Grumman Newport News in Virginia.

At 370 feet and 7,800 tons, the Virginia Class boats are capable of a wide variety of missions, including deep-ocean anti-submarine and anti-ship assignments, to surveillance and special forces delivery in littoral waters.  The 132-man crew will have a wide choice of weaponry from MK 48 ADCAP torpedoes launched from 4 - 21" torpedo tubes, to Tomahawk cruise and Harpoon anti-ship missiles launched from 12 vertical launch tubes.  The capabilities of the Virginias incoporate the latest advances in submarine technology, and ensure U.S. undersea dominance for many years. Construction of these powerful boats will continue for a number of years.  There are 4 Blocks, each one having improvements in design and capabilities over the previous one.  Blocks V, VI, and VII have been considered, especially since the construction date for the proposed SSN(X) Improved Virginia Class has been pushed out farther than originally planned.

Our profile artist, George Bieda, has already produced drawings of these powerful undersea war machines, and we are pleased to offer them here.  Examples of the first three boats in the class, USS Virginia SSN 774, USS Texas SSN 775, and USS Hawaii SSN 776, are shown below. 

                                                    Profile drawing of the USS Virginia SSN 774 by George Bieda                                              Profile drawing of the USS Texas SSN 775 by George Bieda                                              Profile drawing of the USS Hawaii SSN 776 by George Bieda SSN 776

You can click on the thumbnail image for a larger view, then click your browser's BACK button to return here.  All boats currently commissioned by the Navy are available in the drop-down list of the order form.  We will add the newer ones as they enter the fleet.

At no additional charge, we will add up to 3 lines of personalization to your drawing.  This is placed under the U.S. flag, centered.  We can fit in up to 25 characters per line.  For more info and suggestions for personalization, click on the link in the order form under the Personalization box.

The Virginia Class Nuclear Attack Submarines

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