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"When in Need"
by SSG Timothy Chiasson


When in Need by SSG Timothy Chiasson"When in Need" is the motto of the U.S. Army's 94th MP Battalion, the largest Military Police battalion in the World.  Stationed in South Korea, members of the Battalion requested SSG Chiasson to produce a sketch and prints to commemorate their service.  "When in Need" is the exciting result.  The print embodies the working relationship between  94th MP BN members and the military augmentee soldiers of South Korea (known as KATUSAs) who support the missions of the U.S. military.  In SSG Chiasson's drawing, the South Korean flag is placed above the American ensign to represent that the U.S. military are guests on the Korean peninsula.  The Polar Bear is a symbolic reminder to the Korean people of their mythical foundation over 4300 years ago.


 It is reproduced on a heavy weight, acid-free, archival stock for many years of enjoyment.  The image size is 18" X 24" and is printed on a 19" X 25" sheet.  To view a larger image, click on the thumbnail on the left.  Then click you browser's BACK button to return here.


The price of the print to the general public is $50; however, we are offering a 20% discount to members of the unit and their families, including members of the South Korean armed forces serving in conjunction with the 94th MP Battalion.  Simply mention that you are currently a member of the unit in the "Comments" section of the order form, and we will apply the discount to your order, for a final print price of $40.00.  We regularly ship to APO/FPO addresses, so you can order your print now, and receive it while deployed.

"When in Need" by SSG Timothy Chiasson
Qty:   Price: $50.00
($40 with Unit Discount)

"Outside the Wire"
by SSG Timothy Chiasson


"Outside the Wire" is dedicated to all those soldiers who leave their FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) on a daily basis and putOutside the Wire by SSG Timothy Chiasson themselves into harm's way, particularly those assigned to maintain the safety of the MSRs (Main Supply Routes) in Iraq.  The lion on the left (the symbol of Iraq) is counterbalanced by the American Eagle, expressing respect as we support the Global War on Terrorism.  The equipment portrayed, from the helicopter to the M1114 uparmored HMMMW (Hummer), represent the support from above and on the ground, as the typical vehicles used for convoy security during SSG Chiasson's deployment to Iraq from NOV 2005 to NOV 2006.  Prints are available in two sizes, both framed and unframed.  They are printed on a heavy weight, acid-free, archival stock to assure many years of enjoyment.  Click the thumbnail image to the right to enjoy a larger image, then click your browser's BACK button to return here and place your order.

"Outside the Wire" by SSG Timothy Chiasson
Qty: Price: $20
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"Outside the Wire" Special Edition Print

At the request of Class 59 of the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy, SSG Chaisson produced a special remarqued edition of his popular print.  The original was given to the Academy at Class 59's graduation and will be displayed there with pride.  We are pleased to make copies of this special edition print available to members of Class 59, and others interested in this dramatic work.

The size of the print matches that of the original (image size 22" X 18"), and is produced on a heavy weight, acid free, archival matte stock.  We produce the print on a 24" X 20" sheet, but the top and bottom can be easily trimmed so that the print will fit into an inexpensive 24" X 18" poster frame, if desired.  The unprinted border allows plenty of room for conventional matting and framing, also. 

Click on the image for a larger view, then Outside the Wire Special Edition Print by SSG Timothy Chiasson  click your browser's BACK button to return

"Outside the Wire"
US Army Sergeants Major Academy Class 59 Special Edition Print
by SSG Timothy Chiasson

20" x 24" Open Edition Print
Qty: Price: $40

"First Boots on the Ground"
by William Phillips



First Boots on the Ground by William Phillips


"We Were Soldiers Once...and Young," the book by Lt. Gen. Hal Moore (Ret) and the movie of the same name starring Mel Gibson, tell the story of the assault on the Ia Drang Valley, Vietnam, by the 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry, on November 14th, 1965.  As the first helicopter touches down, then Lt. Col Moore, Sgt. Major Plumley, Capt. Metsker, Bob Ouellette, Al Bosse, and interpreter Mr. Nik plant "the first boots on the ground" at LZ (Landing Zone) X-Ray in the battle that would go down as one of the most intense of the Vietnam War.  Helicopter pilots Bruce Crandall and Ed Freeman were awarded the Medal of Honor for their valor during the three day battle.


William Phillips has captured the chaos of the LZ in this compelling print.  This Limited Edition print is countersigned by Lt. Gen Hal Moore (Ret.), Medal of Honor Recipient Lt. Col.  Bruce Crandall (Ret.), Command Master Sgt. Basil Plumley, Bob Ouellette and Al Bosse.


The artwork measures 28" X 14" and is printed on heavy weight archival stock.  Each print is inspected and signed by the artist.


The Masterwork Canvas Edition (selling for $795) has all ready sold out, so don't wait too long to place your order, or you could be disappointed!


"First Boots on the Ground"
24" X 18" Limited Edition Print
by William Phillips

Qty: Price: $395.00


Task Force 1 - 26 by Frank Burkhard


In February of 2004, 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry Regiment, deployed to the Middle East in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II.  Following three weeks of preparation in Kuwait, Task Force 1 - 26 moved to Samarra, Iraq, a city on the East Bank of the historic Tigris River.


October of 2004 found Task Force 1 - 26 spearheading Operation Baton Rouge, which restored control of Samarra to the Iraqi Security Forces.  This was one of the most successful brigade operations since the Vietnam Conflict.  For their service during this operation, the unit received their second Valorous Unit Award during OIF II.  Then in 2005, the unit assisted in the facilitation of the first free election in Iraq.


After redeploying to Schweinfurt, Germany, in early 2006, a member of the unit, Frank Burkhard, began work on a composition to memorialize this deployment.  "Task Force 1 - 26" is the result of his work.  This print, based on Mr. Burkhard's original composition, is presented as a limited edition of five hundred 21" X 17" (sheet size 24" X 19") high quality giclee prints on archival matte stock.  Each print has been inspected, signed, and numbered by the artist.  Prints are accompanied by Certificates of Authenticity.


Mr. Burkhard has generously donated all of the royalties he would normally earn from print sales to the Morale and Welfare Fund of his unit.

"Task Force 1 - 26" by Frank Burkhard, 24" X 19" Limited Edition Print
Qty: Price: $40.00


"...And Hell's Comin' With Me"
by Michael Harris


....And Hell's Comin' With Me by Michael HarrisInspired by David Bloom's accounts as he traveled with the 3rd Infantry across the desert, ...And Hell's Comin' with Me demonstrates the incredible speed of US and British forces as they race towards Baghdad in a 14 mile wide column.  The fierce firepower brought to bear against the tyrant Saddam Hussein destroyed his regime in a swift and decisive blow, and the skill and courage of America's premier tank and crew throughout the theater carries on the honor of their namesake.

The American Bald Eagle in the painting ...And Hell's Comin' with Me symbolizes the might and fury of not only the US Army, but the American will and determination that supports our troops and stand firm against tyranny.

...And Hell's Comin' with Me is carefully reproduced on 80 lb. archival stock, each print is individually inspected by the artist for color consistency and accuracy.  Click Here for a detail shot Michael's work.  The watermark in the upper left is for copyright purposes only, and doesn't appear on the actual print.  Click on the thumbnail image for a larger view, then click your browser's BACK button to return here.

"...And Hell's Comin' With Me" by Michael Harris, 21" x 30" Open Edition Print
Qty: Price: $45
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Desert Storm

The Lightning of Desert Storm
by James Dietz

The Lightning of Desert Storm by James Dietz

"Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines of the United States Central Command, this morning at 0300, we launched Operation DESERT STORM, an offensive campaign that will enforce the United Nation's resolutions that Iraq must cease its rape and pillage of its weaker neighbor and withdraw its forces from Kuwait. My confidence in you is total. Our cause is just! Now you must be the thunder and lightning of Desert Storm. May God be with you, your loved ones at home, and our Country."

General H. Norman Schwarztkopf, USA Commander-in-Chief U.S. Central Command, in a message to the command, 16 January 1991.

And so, ten years ago, Operation Desert Storm began. On the morning of 24 February 1991, the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) successfully conducted the largest air assault operation in the history of warfare.  Led by Col. Tom Hill's 1st Brigade, 66 Blackhawks and 30 Chinooks lifted off at 0727 Hours to seize Forward Operating Base (FOB) Cobra, a forward base 85 miles inside Iraq as well as numerous other critical objectives deep inside enemy territory.  The swift, deep, and critical strikes of the 101st Airborne Division embodied General Schwartzkopf's notion of the "Lightning of Desert Storm."

The standard edition is sold out, and there are only a few of the Artist's Proofs available, so if you're interested, order soon before they are all gone!

"The Lightning of Desert Storm" by James Dietz, 31" x 18"
Signed and Numbered Artist's Proof Edition
Qty: Price: $350

Iron Fist
by Rene Borst

Iron_Fist_M1A1.jpg (29341 bytes)The Iron Fist by Rene Borst depicts the M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank in action in the burning oil fields of Kuwait in 1991, during Operation Desert Storm.  The Abrams, unproven after 10 years (it first entered service in the early 1980's), quickly showed its strengths in battle against its counterpart, the Iraqi's Soviet-made T-72.

Among the many great attributes of the M1 was its thermal sighting system, which allowed the crew to acquire and destroy targets in the darkness of night and in the blackened, smoke-clogged deserts of Kuwait.  The Abrams had remarkable success during the conflict, and maintained operational readiness of over 90% of the 1,800+ in theater, with only 9 lost in battle.

"Iron Fist" by Rene Borst, Open Edition Print
Qty: Price: $40
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Peacekeeping Operations: Bosnia-Herzegovina

Duty First - Keeping the Peace
by James Dietz

Duty First - Keeping the Peace by James Dietz

The 1st Division in Bosnia.  The Multinational Division-North (Task Force Eagle) began another chapter in history when it deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina following the 1995 NATO-imposed cease fire which halted the destructive four-year Balkan conflict.  Task Force Eagle (one of the most powerful formations ever fielded for peacekeeping operations) enforced the cease fire, supervised the marking of boundaries with the zone of separation between the former warring factions, and enforced the withdrawal of the combatants and the movement of their heavy weapons to cantonment areas.  The 1st Armored Division led this force with elements of the 1st Infantry Division.

The Big Red One then deployed as a covering force to allow the safe return of the 1st Armored Division, and assumed control of its area of responsibility at Eagle Base, Tuzia, on 10 November 1996.  Task Force Eagle was now the 1st Infantry Division's responsibility.

Demonstrations in the villages of Celic and Gajevi tested the resolve and ability of the newly arrived 1st Infantry Division units.  An armed altercation between the former warring factions on 12 November 1996 threatened the fledgling peace process.  Big Red One soldiers skillfully intervened and quickly brought this very tense situation under control.

Upon completion of the covering force missions, the 1st Infantry Division continued ensuring all military aspects of the Dayton Peace Accord were accomplished firmly and fairly.  On 20 December 1996, the implementation (IFOR) came to successful conclusion and the 1st Infantry Division continued serving in Bosnia as part of the newly formed Stabilization Force (SFOR).  This decision brought to close the mission of Operation Joint Endeavor and established Operation Joint Guard.

Soldiers of the Big Red One, along with multinational allied forces (a Russian Airborne Brigade, a Turkish Brigade, and a NORDPOLE Brigade made up of battalions and companies from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland, and the Baltic countries) provided a secure environment for resettlement, ensured compliance by the various military forces, helped to encourage economic growth, and implemented numerous programs designed to support the transition to normalcy for all the people of Bosnia in September of 1997.

On 22 October 1997, the 1st Infantry Division transferred authority of Task Force Eagle back to the 1st Armored Division, which will continue the tradition of excellence until other U.S. Army forces are designated to serve.

Sorry, Folks, this print is Sold Out!

Air Cavalry

aircavalry.jpg (87875 bytes)Vivid detail accentuates this black and white sketch by Thomas Maloney.  This Vietnam-era print depicts a UH-1 inserting US Army soldiers into a hilltop LZ.  Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger view.  Then click your browser's BACK button to return here.

"Air Cavalry was drawn from an official U.S. Army photograph taken by SSG Howard C. Breedlove in Vietnam April 24, 1967.   The men jumping from the helicopter were from the Rifle Platoon, B Troop, 1st Squadron, 9th Air Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division.  The photograph was taken on a hilltop about three kilometers west of Duc Pho in Quang Ngai Province during Operation Oregon, a search and destroy mission."~Tom Maloney

Signed and numbered, this print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from the artist.

"Air Cavalry" by Thomas Maloney, 16" x 20" Limited Edition Print

Signed & Numbered with Certificate of Authenticity
Qty: Price: $20
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