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Sea, Air, and Land....

That's where they operate.  They are the Navy's Special Operations Force.  Until now, we have not had any artwork featuring  the US Navy SEALS, but we are now proud to offer the exciting photo-based posters of Tom Weber.  Twenty years ago, before beginning his career in photography, Tom was trained as an elite sniper.  He was deployed with a special forces unit for three years.

This experience puts him in the "Been there, done that" category, with many of our other artists.  It gave him the unique perspective of a Special Forces operative, and it shows  in all his work.  Two of his many works capture the essence of the SEALS.  We are happy to be able to offer them here.


US Navy SEALS Print #1 by Tom Weber   US Navy SEALS #1


US Navy SEALS Print #2 by Tom Weber   US Navy SEALS #2

We will be incorporating these prints into our shopping cart soon.  Untill we do, you can order by calling us on our toll-free number at 888-469-5389.


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