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"Dustoff - Angels of Mercy" by William Phillips

Dust Off: Angels of Mercy by William S. PhillipsClick on the thumbnail to see a larger view.  Then click your browser's BACK button to return here.

With plexiglass fragments from his helicopter's windshield buried in his hand, calf and thigh, Michael J. Novosel, pilot for the 82nd Medical Detachment, steadied the 'copter as another soldier pulled a wounded soldier to safety.  Met by intense groundfire, Novosel still managed to save 29 soldiers by going back into enemy fire again and again.  For this, he was an Army Medal of Honor recipient in the Vietnam War.

This print by acclaimed artist William Phillips is a fine tribute to Army aviators, their crews, and the gunships that protected them.  It is countersigned by both Novosel and his son Mike, Jr.  They were the only father and son team to fly in the same unit—and each had the task of rescuing the other and flying more than 8,800 wounded to safety or emergency medical treatment.

This print is sold out at the Publisher.  As of 1 Jan 2017, we have one copy left!!!


"Dust Off: Angels of Mercy" by William Phillips

23" x 15 1/4" Signed & Numbered Limited Edition Print
Qty: Price: $265


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