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US Aircraft Squadron Prints

This is a brand new category for us!!  We have started putting together a collection of profile drawings depicting the aircraft of US Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Coast Guard squadrons.  Some of these will be simply depictions of the aircraft in the squadrons during different time periods, while others will commemorate specific events.

Our profile drawing artists will be producing drawings of modern aircraft, as well as historical subjects.  We will be adding to this category as projects are completed.  If you have ideas for a drawing, please contact us by either email (info@usmilitaryart.com) or by phone (toll-free:  888-465-5389).  We would be happy to discuss any project with you!

VP-92 Minutemen Artwork

We've had several requests for profile drawings of VP-92 aircraft recently, and with the help of VP Association members, and particularly Marc Frattasio, the newsletter editor, Mads Bangso has put together some drawings that will certainly be of interest to former squadron members.  We have a couple of preliminary images to show you, but these will be refined further in the near future.  Other images will be added, as well.  Comments, suggestions, and print ideas from squadron members are more than welcome.

VP-92 Historical Print by Mads Bangso

The first print we are offering is an historical perspective of the squadron, featuring an SP-2H Neptune from the 1970 - 1975 time period and one of the P-3C Orions flowm by VP-92 from 1991 to 2007.  The prints are offered in a variety of sizes, so pick the one that best suits your wall space!  Click on the thumbnail for a larger view, then click your browser's BACK button to return here.

VP-92 Minutemen Historical Print
by Mads Bangso

Qty: Price:  $69.99

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Mads also produces individual aircraft prints.  He can incorporate a  high degree of customization and personalization into these individual drawings, so take advantage of the options listed below to make it a drawing of your aircraft!  Mads will use information appropriate for the squadron for any entry left blank.  Below are samples of his prints, showing the two basic configurations -

Profile Drawing of a P-3A Orion of the VP-92 Minutemen by Mads Bangso Profile Drawing of a P-3B Orion of the VP-92 Minutemen by Mads Bangso
P-3A Orion P-3B Orion
"On the Deck" "In Flight"

VP-92 Minutemen Aircraft Profile Drawings by Mads Bangso
Qty: Price: $69.99
Aircraft Type:

Drawing Style ("In Flight" or "On the Cat") :


In the section below, enter whatever information you would like to see on your drawing.
(For items left blank, we will use appropriate data.)

BUNO A/C No. Tail Code Time Frame

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HS-14 Chargers Squadron Print

Mads has produced his first helo squadron print, of the HS-14 Chargers, at the request of a former member of the squadron.  This drawing covers the JAN 2000 - FEB 2003 time frame, but drawings can be ordered for different time frames and deployments.  Simply enter the info on the order form below, and Mads will include your personally selected info on your drawing.  The image size of the drawing is 10.25" X 16", on a 12" X 18" sheet.  We can also frame your drawing for you at a price at least 20% below local frame shops.  Custom framing options are available, so if you are interested in a really special framed version, give us a call toll-free at 888-465-5389 to discuss your options

HS-14 Chargers Squadron Drawing by Mads Bangso Click on either image for a larger view, then click
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Framed Image to be added.
HS-14 12" X 18" Print    

HS-14 Chargers Squadron Drawing
by Mads Bangso

Qty: Price:  $70.00

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VFA-211 Fighting Checkmates Squadron Prints

In July of 2007, the Fighting Checkmates of VFA-211 embarked in USS Enterprise CVN 65 as a component of Carrier Air Wing 1 (CVW-1).  They spent over 5 months deployed to the Mediterranean and Middle East as a projection of US military strength, and in support of current operations.  Mads Bangso has produced an exciting drawing honoring this deployment.  It is available both framed and unframed.  The print size is 12" X 18" (image size - 10.25" X 16").  The dimensions of the framed print are 18" X 23."  Find a spot on your wall, this is a great print!

F/A-18F's of VFA-211 squadron deployment drawing by Mads BangsoF/A 18F's of VFA-211 squadron deployment drawing by mads bangso

    Click on either thumbnail for a larger image,
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VFA-211 Fighting Checkmates, Med 07 Deployment Drawing
by Mads Bangso

Qty: Price:  $70.00

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We also offer individual profile drawings of VFA-211 aircraft.  These can be highly customized so that the final product is the bird you flew or maintained.  Click HERE to visit our F/A 18 Profile Drawing page.


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