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Project Mercury Artwork

Project Mercury began in 1958 with the goal of discovering if man could survive in space.  Personnel from all the Armed Forces were selected to assist with the NASA program. Pilots were chosen from the Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force through a rigorous selection process.  Those making the final cut


Alan Shepard, Jr., USN


Gus Grissom, USAF


John Glenn, USMC


Scott Carpenter, USN


Wally Schirra, USN


Gordon Cooper, Jr., USAF


Deke Slayton, USAF  

This group became known as The Mercury Seven, and was the subject of several books and the movie The Right Stuff. 

Alan Shepard became the first American in space during a sub-orbital flight in May, 1961, piloting Freedom 7, followed nine months later by John Glenn who flew Friendship 7 during the first American orbital flight.  Three more orbital flights were made by Mercury astronauts, but the final three missions were canceled, as program members concluded the Mercury spacecraft had reached the limit in its ability to stay in space.

We are continuing our search for artwork representing this program, and will offer it here when available.  Check back often to see what we've added!

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