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Adding Personalization to Profile Drawings

Many of our customers order profile drawing prints to commemorate honorable service aboard a ship or while assigned to a particular aircraft squadron.  So to make these prints even more personal, offers free personalization!  Customers can input up to 3 lines of text when ordering (25 characters maximum per line, including spaces and punctuation), and we will place this on the print.  Just use the text boxes provided with the other ordering options, and we'll personalize your profile drawing.  Please note:  If you want your "Years served...." info as part of the personalization, add it as one of the lines.  The entry under "Years served aboard" or "Years with Squadron" is need by our artist to configure the drawing correctly, and will not be used in the Personalization unless it is added there.


We suggest one of the following formats:


For Ship Profile Drawing Prints



Name, Rank/Rate, Years Aboard




1963 - 1965


Or perhaps Rank, Name, Billet, Years Aboard




1991 - 1993



For Aircraft Profile Drawing Prints

For aircraft profiles, try Rank, Name, Call Sign, and Years with the Squadron




1986 - 1988


But the choice is yours, so be creative--use quirky expressions, mottos, or anything that helps to make this print your own.  No profanity, please!  You can use just 1 or 2 lines, or go for all 3.


See the sample image below, to give you an idea of placement and how the text will look.  Questions?  Call us (609-264-5256) or click here for all the other ways to Contact Us.


All we ask is that you don't change your mind after seeing the print.  Each profile drawing is uniquely created and numbered, so we can't take it back or change it after personalization, so please be decisive!


Best regards,


The USMilitaryArt .com Staff




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