HH-60J/MH-60T Jayhawk

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The Sikorsky HH-60J/MH-60J/MH-60T Jayhawk

The Sikorsky HH-60J Jayhawk is the US Coast Guard's medium range SAR helicopter.  It is often used for additional missions, including drug interdiction, cargo lfit, and special operations.  The design is based on the US Navy's SH-60 Seahawk.    It was the replacement for the aging HH-3F Pelicans that were retired stating in the early 1990s.  There are currently 42 HH-60Js in the fleet, stationed at various Coast Guard Air Stations.  A number of these aircraft have been armed with light machine guns and sniper rifles, useful in the pursuit of the "go-fast" boats used by drug runners.  These aircraft carry the MH-60J designation.

In 2007, the Coast Guard initiated the Deepwater Program, a component of which is to upgrade these workhorse helos for medium range responder missions.  When converted, they are designated as the MH-60T.  The upgrades include a glass cockpit, advanced avionics, armor to protect the aircrew, and an airborne "use of force" package of weaponry.  This package include weapons for firing warning and disabling shots.  As of June 2009, three Jayhawks have received the upgrade.

Profile Drawing Prints of the HH-60J/MH-60T Jayhawk by George Bieda

Here are three samples of  HH-60J Jayhawk profile drawing prints by George Bieda from different Coast Guard Air Stations.  Click on the thumbnail image for a larger view, then click your browser's BACK button to return here.  These drawings can be customized to include particular aircraft numbers, and up to three lines of personalization (which is centered under the American flag.)  This makes your drawing truly unique!  The drawings are produced on heavy-weight, acid-free, archival paper using highly ligtfast inks, ensuring many years of enjoyment.  For a larger view, click on any of the thumbnail images, then click on our browser's BACK button to return here.

Profile drawing of an HH-60J Jayhawk of ATC Mobile by George Bieda Profile drawing of an HH-60J Jayhawk of CGAS Clearwater by George Bieda Profile drawing of an HH-60J Jayhawk of CGAS San Diego by George Bieda
ATC Mobile CGAS Clearwater CGAS San Diego


HH-60J/MH-60T Jayhawk Profile Drawing by George E. Bieda
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"High Magnitude of Bravery" by Mark Karvon

In this dramatic work, Mark Karvon shows a Jayhawk rescuing stranded survivors of a ship wreck.  These MH/HH 60 Jayhawk prints are reproduced on a heavy weight, acid-free, archival stock to ensure many years of enjoyment.  They are available in two sizes.  All prints are inspected and signed by the artist.  Mr. Karvon has modified his original print to represent aircraft from a number of different USCG Air Stations.  Three of these are represented below.  For a larger view of these prints, click on it, then click your browser's BACK button to return here.

HH-60J of CGAS Astoria MH-60J of CGAS Clearwater MH-60J of CGAS Kodiak

 Mr. Karvon can personalize the print for any Air Station and aircraft number, for an additional fee.  An individual's name and years served can also be added in the text area under the print.  We can offer substantial discounts for group orders, so give us a call toll-free (888-465-5389) if you'd like us to put together a quotation for you.

"High Magnitude of Bravery"
by Mark Karvon

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