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Prints featuring US Navy Escort Aircraft Carriers

Escort Carriers (also known as Jeep Carriers) were small carriers used by the American, British, and Japanese Navies during World War II.  US Navy Escort Carriers were used in the Atlantic to combat the U-Boat threat, while in the Pacific they provided air support during amphibious assaults, served as aircraft transports, and as back-ups to fleet carriers.  There were 151 carriers built for the US Navy during World War II; 122 of these were escort carriers.  The Casablanca Class numbered 50 ships, making it the largest class of aircraft carrier ever built.

Escort Carrier Profile Drawing Prints by George E. Bieda

Profile drawing of the USS Breton CVE 23 by George BiedaProfle drawing of the USS Lunga Point CVE 94 by George BiedaShown here of the left is the USS Breton (CVE 23) of the Bogue class.  On the right is the USS Lunga Point (CVE 94) from the Casablanca class, sporting her "Measure 33" camouflage paint.  Click on either thumbnail to view a larger image, then click your browser's BACK button to return here.

Based on the years you served aboard, we will strive to draw your ship in the exact configuration you remember.  Just fill in the "Year(s) Served Aboard Her" blank when ordering.  And be sure to select your desired print options, too!

Escort Carriers
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"Reserve Cruise" by Wayne Scarpaci

Reserve Cruise - USS Mindoro CVE 120, by Wayne ScarpaciThis print by Wayne Scarpaci, portrays USS Mindoro CVE 120, a Commencement Bay Escort Carrier, conducting blimp-assisted ASW operations during a US Naval Reserve training cruise, in 1955.  You can click on the thumbnail image on the right for a larger, more detailed view, then click your browser's BACK button to return here.

Reserve Cruise by Wayne Scarpaci
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