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Colorado Class Battleship Profile Drawings

There were 4 ships planned for this class, USS Colorado BB 45, USS Maryland BB 46, USS Washington BB 47, and USS West Virginia BB 48.  Completion of the USS Washington, however, would have put the U.S. in violation of the Washington Naval Limitations Treaty, so in 1924, the unfinished hull was towed off the Virginia Capes and sunk by gunfire from USS Texas and USS New York.  The other three ships were commisioned, and served through World War II. All three were part of the Pacific Fleet.  USS Maryland and USS West Virgina were both at Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attacked on 7 DEC. 1941. MARYLAND sustained two bomb hits, and was repaired and back in action in February 1942.  The WEST VIRGINIA was sunk, but was refloated, repaired, and returned to the fleet in 1944.  USS Colorado was in the Bremerton Navy Shipyard during the attack, and spent 1942 in patrols, training, and exercises along the West Coast. (Bravo zulu to Phil Swartzlander for pointing out our previously erroneous info on this page!!!!)

  In 1959, the three remaining decommissioned ships were sold for recycling.  Profile drawings of these ships are available, so check back here often for new image samples.

The Colorado Class Battleship Profiles
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