The B-1B Bomber

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Team Mates

A Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker rendezvous with a Rockwell B-1B strategic bomber as they pick their way through a weather system.  The advent of the KC-135 jet tanker in the 1950s ushered in the golden age for air refueling, providing virtually unlimited range and endurance to United States bombers, fighters, airlifters and other aircraft equipped with refueling receptacles.  The KC-135R is the modernized Stratotanker with more powerful and fuel efficient GE CFM56 turbofan engines conferring much improved takeoff and climb performance and greater fuel offload capability for the same range, or the ability to refuel at greater ranges than the earlier KC-135A.  The KC-135R is the true Team Mate for all properly equipped aircraft.

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"Team Mates" by Keith Ferris

22" x 35" Signed & Numbered Limited Edition Print
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This dramatic painting depicts the Rockwell B-1B, armed with cruise missiles, performing its mission role as a low level penetrating bomber.  As this powerful aircraft approaches the speed of sound, the 123,000 lb. thrust of its turbofan engines is unleashed against the still waters of a northern lake.

The first in a series of dramatic aviation paintings by Dru Blair, each print is hand-signed by the artist.  Also available as an unsigned 11 x 14 print.  Dru wishes to extend a special thanks to his customers, who have made Power the number one selling aviation print in the world for eleven consecutive years.  Be sure to select your print options when ordering!

"Power" by Dru Blair
Qty: Price: $40
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Low Level Lightning

nlowlevs.jpg (18382 bytes)

Imagine the roar of thundering engines as the B-1B screams across the desert, just a few feet above it's surface. This is where the B-1B is in it's element: low, fast, and untouchable.  The desert hare, startled at the sudden appearance of the massive aircraft, dashes for cover.

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"Low Level Lightning" by Dru Blair
Qty: Price: $40
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Click Here To See More Artwork Of The B-1B During Take-Off

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