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Affectionately known as "Gator Freighters," amphibious warfare ships vary greatly in size and shape, in accordance with the mission of each.  Amphibious assault ships (LHDs, LHAs, and LPHs) sport the long, flat flight decks reminiscent of the World War II aircraft carriers.  Amphibious transport docks (LPDs) have a long flat stern, optimized for carrying landing craft.  Dock landing ships (LSDs) have extra berthing capacity to transport US Marines around the world.  Tank landing ships (LSTs) have distinctive "horns" on their bow, to support a ramp that deploys and allows the ship to unload vehicles such as tanks and light armored vehicles.  Amphibious cargo ships (LKAs) take on the look of merchant freighters, heavily laden with the tools of war used by the US Marines.

We have many profile drawings depicting each class of amphibious assault ship.  Use the navigation buttons on the left to view and purchase these works. There are just too many of these ships to include images of each one, so check the drop-down list in the center of each page for a list of all the ships in the category that we can do.  If you see it listed, we can produce a drawing!  If by any chance you are looking for a ship that you do not see, contact us by email ( or give us a call on our toll-free number (888-465-5389).  In most cases, we can produce a drawing, though it may be new work for our artist.  There is no extra charge to produce a new drawing! will be adding new artwork soon, so please check back with us periodically, as we expand our inventory!

Expeditionary Strike Group

Commemorative Prints

Commemorative drawing of the Wasp ESG-1 Expedtionary Strike Group, 22nd MEU embarked, 2004, by George BiedaThis commemorative print was created for the Marines and sailors of the ever-deploying MEUs, with the artwork of acclaimed naval artist George E. Bieda.  It depicts the three amphibs that will carry the MEU into harm's way, along with the other 4 ships in the Expeditionary Strike Group.  Also included are the unit crests for the MEU command element, Ground Combat Element, Air Combat Element, and the MEU Service Support Group.  Each ship is incredibly detailed, including embarked aircraft parked out on the flight deck.  This will be a terrific keepsake that's bound to stir a sea story or two in the years to come.

Commemorative drawing of the Belleau Wood ESG-3 Expedtionay Strike Group, 11 MEU embarked, 2004, by George BiedaClick on either thumbnail for a larger view, then click your browser's BACK button to return here.  Above left is the WASP ESG (ESG-1), with 22d MEU embarked.  On the right is the BELLEAU WOOD ESG (ESG-3), with 11th MEU embarked.  If you are from another MEU, and would like us to put together a similar print, send us a quick Feedback Form with the pertinent information, and we'll see what we can do!

Marine Expeditionary Unit

Commemorative Print by George E. Bieda
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