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Anchor Bay Great Ship Replicas

We are pleased to be able to offer these highly detailed and realistic models of U.S. Coast Guard ships by the Anchor Bay Division of Harbour Lights.  Anchor Bay has produced 13 of these terrific models to date, but two have already been retired, and are available only on the secondary market.  

These models are "must haves" if you, a family member, or friend served aboard the particular ship offered, or even one in the same class.  They make great gifts for holidays and retirements, or just to show you care.  Of course, collectors will want them just to fill in the gaps in their collections.  Click on the highlighted model name below to visit the page featuring each ship.  There will be a link at the bottom of each page to return here.

Name AB # Released Edition Image
Lightship Overfalls 122 Jan '08 4,000 Lightship Overfalls ship model by Anchor Bay
USCGC Taney - WWII Colors 120 Sept. '07 750 USCGC Taney ship model by Anchor Bay
USCGC Taney - White Hull 119 Sept. '07 750 USCGC Taney ship model by Anchor Bay
USCGC Mackinaw - Red Hull 118 June '06 4,000 USCGC Mackinaw ship model by Anchor Bay
USCG Barque Eagle 117 June '04 4,000 USCG Barque Eagle model by Anchor Bay
Tender 'George Cobb' 116 June '03 4,000 USCG Tender George Cobb ship model by Anchor Bay
Lightship Nantucket 115 June '03 4,000 Lightship Nantucket ship model by Anchor Bay
Rigid-Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) 114 Jan. '02 4,000 Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat model by Anchor Bay
44 ft. Lifeboat 113R Jan '02 Open USCG 44 ft. Motor Lifeboat model by Anchor Bay
41 ft. Utility Boat 112 Jan. '02 4,000 USCG 41 ft. Utility Boat model by Anchor Bay
USCG 110 ft. Cutter 111 Jan. '01 4,000 USCG 110 ft. Cutter ship model by Anchor Bay

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