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US Military Aircraft Profile Drawings

George Bieda has been drawing and painting as a naval and aviation artist for over 35 years. He is a retired US Navy Captain, having spent 24 of his 29 years in the Navy assigned to sea duty, on nearly every type of vessel, from submarines to aircraft carriers. To say that George is infinitely familiar with his subject matter is an understatement! His formal art training includes the Washington School or Art, the North Lights Artists' School, and Liberty Bay Art School, under the tutelage of such accomplished artists as Jane Wortman, Frederick Hines, and Cynthia Tyrell.  George has sold over 16,000 paintings and drawings to the US Navy and private individuals in the U.S. and abroad.  He currently works out of his studio in Silverdale, Washington.

Mads Bangso was introduced to drawing by his uncle, an excellent artist in his own right.  His initial works were pencil drawings, but he later expanded both his subject matter and media to include water-color, air-brush, and oil painting.  His interest in US Navy aircraft, primarily from the Korean War to the present, led to his concentration in this area as he developed skill in the digital area.  His realistic work appears regularly in The Hook, the official magazine of The Tailhook Association.  Though Mads produces his drawings in his studio in Denmark, we print and ship them directly here from our shop in New Jersey. 

As of 1 JUN 2012, Mads Bangso is on a sabbatical.  We've decided to leave his examples up on our site, but you will not be able to place an order until he is once again working on these drawings.

One of the most appealing aspects of our profile drawings is that our artists can add high levels of customization.  As you will see on the individual pages, you have the option to select the squadron, BUNO, side number, and other details, depending on the particular drawing and artist.  The customization/personalization options will be listed with each drawing type.

Use the chart below to select your aircraft of interest.  Click on the link in the table to get to your page.  Pick one out and make it yours!

Fighters Attack/Bombers Patrol/Cargo Helicopters
  F4U Corsair   AD6 Skyraider (Coming Soon!)   C-5 Galaxy   CH-46 Sea Knight
  F-86 Sabre Jet (Coming soon!)   A3D-2P Skywarrior (Coming Soon!)  C-17 Globemaster II (Coming Soon!)   CH-53 Super Stallion
  F-J3 Fury (Coming Soon!)   A-4 Skyhawk   C-130 Hercules (all variants)   HH/SH-60 Seahawk
  F11F Tiger (Coming Soon!)   A-6 Intruder   C-141 Starlifter   UH-60 Blackhawk
 F-4 Phantom II   A-7 Corsair II   E-2C Hawkeye  
  F-14 Tomcat   AV-8B Harrier   EA-6 B Prowler  
  F-15 Eagle   B1-B Lancer   EC-121 Warning Star (Coming Soon)  
  F-16 Fighting Falcon   B-29 Superfortress (Coming Soon!)   EP-3 Aries II  
  F/A-18 Hornet   B-52 Stratofortress   KC-10 Extender (Coming Soon!)  
    B-57 Canberra (Coming Soon!)   KC-135 Stratotanker  
      P2V Neptune (Coming Soon!)  
      P-3 Orion  
      PBM-5 Mariner  
      PBY-5 Catalina  
      RA-5C Vigilante  
      RF-4B Phantom II  
      S-2 Tracker  
      S-3 Viking  


If your aircraft isn't in the list above, email us ( about it.  If information is available on it, one of our artists will be able to produce a drawing!  There is no additional charge to be the first to order.

All our drawings are guaranteed.  If you are not satisfied with your drawing for any reason, it can be returned for a complete refund, but we're very confident you won't be disappointed.

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