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Prints featuring US Navy Aircraft Carriers

Since World War II, aircraft carriers (designated "CV") have been the mainstay of the modern US Navy.  The largest warships ever built, these "floating islands" are home to over 5,000 sailors and Marines each time they put to sea.  We are pleased to offer a wide variety of works based on these mighty warships.

Nimitz Class aircraft carriers are the only ones in service today (1 Jan 2015) since the deactivation of USS Enterprise CVN 65 in 2012.  Northrop Grumman, in conjunction with the US Navy is developing the next generation of carrier, which will include the USS Gerlad R. Ford CVN 78, the USS John F. Kennedy CVN 79, and the new USS Enterprise CVN 80.  These new ships will have many advancements in design and operation over the Nimitz Class ships.  Currently, we have profile drawings and artwork depicting ships from both the Enterprise and the Nimitz Class in action.  We also have artwork of all Retired Flat Tops, as well as profile drawings of most Escort Carriers.  Use the navigation buttons on the left to view and purchase these works.

Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck Profile Drawing prints by George Bieda

It is not very often that we are able to offer a new type of military art, but through the extensive research, experience, and hard work of artist George Bieda, we are pleased to present the latest addition to his portfolio of work!  These drawings include all the elements of his profile drawing prints that we've offered for years; plus they  include a layout of the flight deck with typical positioning of aircraft that would have been aboard during the time period of interest.  Several examples of this new type of drawing are shown below -


Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck Profile Drawing Print of USS Kearsage CVS 33 by George Bieda      Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck Profile Drawing Print of USS Coral Sea CV 43 by George Bieda      Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck Profile Drawing Print of USS Enterprise CVN 65 by George Bieda      Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck Profile Drawing Print of USS Carl Vinson CVN 703 by George Bieda

Click on any of the thumbnail images for a larger view, then click your browser's BACK button to return here. 

As you can see, we still have room to allow for the addition of personalization.  We can add up to 3 lines, with a maximum of 25 characters per line. These drawings are considerably larger than our standard profile drawings.  The image area of these aircraft carrier flight deck profile prints is 12" x 18" on a 13" x 19" sheet.  We offer them framed and unframed.  Framing includes a 3" mat all around and an 18" x 24" Black or Contrast Gray metal frame.  The prints are produced on high-quality giclee equipment with inks that have a lightfastness rating of 75 years.  We use a heavy weight, acid-free, archival stock that ensures many years of enjoyment.

Now through 15 Feb 2015 we are offering these drawings at a discount!  If interested, get your order in during the discount period to save $$$ on your purchase!

If you have any questions about these new prints, or any of our artwork, feel free to phone us at 609-264-5256.

Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck Profile Drawing Prints by George Bieda

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