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One of our profile artists, Mads Bangso, has recently worked very closely with the Reunion Committees of several squadrons to produce composite prints for the Reunions.  With the assistance of Committee members, and current squadron members, Mads has put together dynamic prints that trace the history of the aircraft that were flown by each squadron, from their early beginnings to the present day.  Although the prints were available for purchase at the Reunions, we are pleased to make them available here, also, for those interested parties that were not able to attend the Reunions.

As of 1 JUN 2012, Mads has taken a sabbatical from producing profile drawings, but those shown below are still available.

VFA-11 Red Rippers 80th Anniversary Reunion Print

These prints are produced by high quality giclee printing on heavy weight, acid-free, archival stock.  The prints are guaranteed to  not show fading for a minimum of 75 years.  The prints are available in three sizes, as shown below.

VFA-11 Red Rippers 80th Anniversary 2008 Reunion Print
by Mads Bangso

Qty: Price: $79.99
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In addition to the Reunion Print, we are also offering prints of any of the aircraft shown in the composite.  If you are interested in such a print right now, contact us by email or phone (see above), but we will soon have a list of all the aircraft available right here.

Here's an example of an F-4J Phantom II from the mid-'70s, when the Red Rippers were designated as VF-11.  These individual prints can be personalized with your name, aircraft number, BUNO, Air Wing, and Carrier.

This is all added by the artist at no additional cost.  Personalizing your print makes it truly unique!

Don't forget!  Check back soon for our complete list of aircraft!




VFA-154 Black Knights 2008 Reunion Print

As you can see, another great print!  This one will be on display at the Squadron's reunion at John Ascuaga's Nugget Hotel in Sparks, NV, in early September.  The Reunion is being held in conjunction with the Tailhook Association's Annual Meeting.  But you don't have to be a squadron member to want one of these.  Select your size and place an order below!

VFA-154 Black Knights 2008 Reunion Print
by Mads Bangso

Qty: Price: $79.99
Print Options:

Here's another example of a print of one of the aircraft in the composite Reunion print.

We will have the complete list of aircraft soon, but if you can't wait to order one, send us an email at -


 or give us a call on our toll free number -



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