Littoral Combat Ships

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Littoral Combat Ship Art Prints and Drawings

Littoral Combat Ship Profile Drawing Prints by George Bieda

Small (~400 ft length, 3400 tons full load displacement), fast (40+ kts.), shallow draft (14 ft.), maneuverable, flexible mission capabilities, and relatively inexpensive.  These are all characteristics of the Navy’s “Freedom” and “Independence” variants of the Littoral Class Ship program.  Currently, a total of 40 ships are planned and thus far four have been commissioned, with several others are under construction.

Our profile artist, George Bieda, has gotten a head start on this class, so we are pleased to be able to offer them here.  The image on the left shows the USS Fort Worth LCS 3, one of the Freedom Variants, while the one on the right is the USS Coronado LCS 4, an Independence variant.  Click on either image for a larger view, then click your brower’s BACK button to return here.

Littoral Combat Ship Profile Drawing Prints
by George Bieda

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