HC-130 Hercules

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The HC-130 Hercules

The Lockheed HC-130 Hercules is the Coast Guard's long-range fixed wing aircraft.  Its missions include search and rescue, law enforcement, drug interdiction, marine environmental enforcement, and international ice patrol, as well as personnel and material transport.   These aircraft also have the capability of air-dropping rescue equipment where necessary and appropriate.  HC-130Bs were first acquired in 1959, and are now all retired.  In 1964, the Coast Guard starting switching to the more capable HC-130H model, and has recently introduced the long range maritime patrol version, the HC-130J.  This new model has extended range capabilities versus the H model, and improved navigation and search avionics.

The US Coast Guard currently operates 27 of the HC-130H variant,  with plans for six of the new HC-130Js.  These new aircraft are "missionized" for long-range surveillance assignments, and can also provide transport and supply missions for maritime safety and security teams, port security units, and National Strike Force teams.

HC-130 Hercules Profile Drawings by George Bieda

Our profile artist, George Bieda, produces detail profile drawings of these aircraft.  They can be customized to a great extent, so that the drawing you receive is the very aircraft you flew, served on, fueled, or maintained.  Customization includes aircraft model, Air Station, side number, bureau number and time frame.  You may also add up to 3 lines of personalization to make your drawing truly unique. Shown here are 2 versions of the Herc.  As you can see, George can compose the drawing in different ways to accommodate the inclusion of a variety of information, as requested by customer.  Click on any image for a larger view, then click your browser's BACK button to return here to order.

Profile Drawing of an HC-130B Hercules by George Bieda Profile Drawing of an HC-130B Hercules by George Bieda Profile Drawing of an HC-130H Hercules by George Bieda
HC-130B Hercules
CGAS Sacremento, CA
HC-130B Hercules
CGAS Elizabeth City, NC
HC-130H Hercules
CGAS Elizabeth City, NC


HC-130 Hercules Profile Drawing by George E. Bieda
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